Moringa - The Miracle Tree

Nutrilicious Moringa Fried Rice

Moringa Fried Rice Recipe:

Ever wondered how fried rice could be a part of your weight loss diet regime? Here is the way to enjoy the taste of fried rice and do it without worrying about adding the extra kgs to your body weight-  

Ingredients needed in the preparation of the yummy Moringa Fried Rice :

1 tbsp Leaf Era Moringa Powder

1 finely chopped medium sized carrot

½ cup finely chopped spring onion

½ cup finely chopped french beans

¼ cup mint leaves

1 finely chopped medium sized green chilli,

Salt and chilli powder as per taste.

1 tbsp oil

2 cups cooked rice

Half lemon

Method of Preparation:

To begin with finely chop the mint leaves,carrot,french beans and spring onion. Keep them aside. Take a nonstick fry pan add 1 tbsp oil to it. Once the oil is hot begin with adding chillies.

Subsequently, add carrot, mint leaves, french beans. Now, add salt and chilli powder as per the taste .

Add the key ingredient 1 tbsp Leaf Era Moringa Powder to the already cooking mixture. Let it cook for another 2 minutes and add the rice to the mixture.

Mix both of them in such a way that rice and mixture are combined well. Put off the stove, take a lemon cut it into two equal halves and squeeze one half in to the dish.

Later add some more spring onion to the rice. Tasty and healthy Moringa Fried rice is ready to make your tummy full. This dish can be served as both lunch and dinner.

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