Moringa - The Miracle Tree

How to Stop Ageing ?

We live in a society that desires and values youth. With experience, we also face a lot of stress that takes a toll on our health. The direct impact of stress comes to the body in the form of ageing.

All of us face this harsh truth of ageing as we cross the 35th birthday. But the big question remains.. How to Stop Ageing? Thankfully there is a scientific answer to this.

The concept of anti-ageing basically means the reversal or prevention of the ageing process. For most of us the food we eat determines the quality of our skin but there are some external remedies which can be adopted.

Most of the damage to our skin is caused by two major factors - Solar ultraviolet radiation and air pollution. This causes the growth of reactive oxygen species (ROS) also known as free radicals which damages the skin leading to rough irregular skin, pigmentation and wrinkles.

The collagen layer which is the connecting layer between the outer skin tissues is damaged by this oxidation process.

So the best way to stop the ageing process or rather delay the ageing is to provide the nourishment to your body with all the essential nutrients re