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How to get the best protein powder in my budget?

Human body is an intricate machine which needs fuel to function. If the body is not supplied with enough amount of fuel, like any other machine its performance will be low, leaving the person stressed and weak. Basically, carbohydrates are considered as major energy sources for the body. But if you are trying to build your body muscular, let us tell you what is the best protein powder. This is applicable for both men and women.

Proteins and Amino acids are one and the same, but with a little difference. Proteins are very essential nutrients required for building muscle tissues, skin and hair. The major sources for proteins are soy, legumes, eggs, fish and meat. Amino acids are building blocks of proteins. A group of amino acids combine to form proteins. There are in total 22 amino acids. Nine of them are prominent, as they carry out important functions like hormone production , co- enzymes production and immunity responses. Amino acids work on precise and varied locations of metabolism in the body.

Out of the nine essential amino acids, there are four amino acids which the body needs for muscle building and bone tissues. They are Valine, Leucine, Isoleucine and Lysine. Valine is essential for prevention of muscle breakdown. Leucine aids in regulating blood sugar level, recovery of muscle and bone tissue. Isoleucine aids in healing muscle tissue. Lysine aids in building muscle, absorption of calcium and creating antibodies.

There are different kinds of protein and amino acid supplements available out there. In the best protein powder, you will find that there are two types. One is single protein supplement and the other is  blended protein supplement. Single protein supplements are comprised of single type protein. Single protein supplements can also include carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Blended protein supplements consists of two or more kinds of proteins. Blended protein supplements induce a continued digestion process and release amino acids for muscle growth.

Amino acid supplements are also of two types. One is single amino acid supplements and the other one is blended amino acid supplements. Single amino acid supplements consist of specific or single amino acids which include leucine, lysine or methionine. Single amino acid supplements are used to promote muscle development. Blended amino acid supplements consist of two or more amino acids. We get the blended amino acid supplements in the form of branched amino acids and essential amino acids. But which is the best protein powder to provide these amino acids to your body?  

Many studies and research prove that moringa is a miracle source for protein and amino acids which is why it is considered the best protein powder. Out of nine essential amino acids required for human body, Moringa is an amazing source for eight essential amino acids. Moreover, the four amino acids needed for muscle and bone tissue are abundantly available in moringa powder. 

So, Moringa powder is the perfect alternative for all the protein and amino acid supplements. On one hand, a box of amino acid supplements costs around Rs. 3000 per box which will last for a month. On the other hand moringa powder will cost you only Rs.250 per pack which will also last about a month. Why waste your money on artificial amino acid and protein supplements when you are getting the natural best protein powder in at a very low cost.

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