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Boost your Nutrition naturally

The Year 2020 has been very stressful. This pandemic, you may be taking extra efforts to keep your family safe and prepared. Along with this plan your nutritional needs too.

In this blog, we would see why nutrition is so important and ways to boost it naturally

So What is nutrition? Have ever wonder what it is? In simple words, it’s a relationship between you and your food. It's just an interaction of food, health, and diseases.

Nutrients in the food are the source of everything. Now there are two types of nutrients, Macronutrient - Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, and Micronutrient - minerals and vitamins.

So why are these important? For everything you do, you need energy and nutrients give you energy. Also, they are very important for growth and repair.

To put it in a simple way "To be healthy, We need to be having better nutrition"

So how can we boost nutrition naturally

Under Food

  • Your plate has to have all colors ( 3 or more ) -

  • Reduce your Sugar, Salt, Refined Flour, processed food intake

  • Chew your food slowly

  • Stay hydrated

  • Eat fresh. Eat Clean.

  • Avoid drinking.

  • Avoid all adulterated, hormonal injected food including meat.

Under Health

  • Sleep On time very day. Quality sleep matters.

  • Learn to meditate. It’s high time

  • Stretch your body. Learn yoga.

  • Move throughout the day.

  • Avoid smoking.

  • Talk to people. Be social

Understanding your lifestyle and improving it will boost your nutritional levels naturally.

Many people feel tired and lack the energy to work throughout the day. However, drinking enough water, eating healthily, getting enough sleep and meditate, and being sociable can benefit your energy levels and your health. If you still feel tired, it’s worth taking a look at your lifestyle to see which healthy changes you can make to boost your energy levels and make you feel great.

We at LeafEra, promise that all our products are traditional recipes which are made available. We carefully Grow, Process, and Pack each unit with our hands. No additives. No Chemicals. No preservatives. No artificial flavors. Minimum processing for maximum benefit. Nature has given us everything in abundance, we need to choose the right things for ourselves.

So at LeafEra, we say,

"Celebrating life with nature"

So stay safe. Stay healthy. Drink LeafEra moringa tea :)

Kameshwar K

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