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10 Myths of Dieting Busted: Mindful Eating

Nutrition and fitness are the two common things which we listen from every random person we bump into these days. We have multiple sources today to learn new things. The chief source is internet, it acts as an encyclopedia for every person from kids to adults.

The impact of digital media on fitness and nutrition is beyond boundaries. Daily there are hundreds of videos uploaded on YouTube titled as fitness secrets and diet charts. Now, a normal person, who is watching these videos, is confused as to follow which of one them. Meanwhile, following a single source can give the individual better results but we know as humans we tend to get attracted to new diets and routines. By doing so, you are subjecting your body to utmost pressure by continuously changing your diet and physical routine.

On the one hand, each human body has its own way and is unique. The dietary routine which is working out for one cannot be working for another.

Firstly, you have to identify your body type and notice the changes in your body as you change your physical and diet routine. If it’s working out, one can notice the difference in their body and vice versa. In a rush, to achieve these fitness goals, these are some of the common mistakes one commits mostly with the diet.

10 Myths about Dieting

1. Staying hydrated is important but it’s not necessary for every human to drink 5-6 liters of water everyday irrespective of diet. Water is present in the vegetables and fruits which are also a part of your diet.

2. Good fat is needed for the body that does not mean you can consume whatever amount of so called good fat. Anything in excess is poison to human body.

3. On a daily basis body needs sugars and salts, but it isn’t necessary that they should be consumed by adding them to your diet. Fruits have enough amount of sugars in them and veggies provide the required salts.

4. If you are on a diet, you are most likely to avoid carbohydrates. But your body needs carbohydrates on a daily basis. It is only that you have to cut down the consumption of carbohydrates instead of completely avoiding them.

5. You are told that taking small meals frequently boosts the metabolism. But food intake has minimal effect on your metabolism.

6. Staying on a specific diet is not going to help a person lose weight, along with diet you have to change their lifestyle also to lose weight.

7. It is said that eating late causes weight gain. But it is what you eat not when you eat. Having moringa powder as a part of your daily diet balances your nutrition intake and greatly helps in weight loss.

8. Skipping your meals can never help you lose your weight. Instead it forces you to hop on high calorie snacks.

9. When on a mission to lose weight, you avoid parties and weddings because of the sumptuous food served. Instead you can happily attend and eat everything but in a limit. Don’t mind what you eat, just be mindful of what you eat.

10. Intense physical regime is not needed to cut down weight. However, it depends how physically active you are in determining your weight loss.

So, stop worrying and start enjoying your meals, because nothing works better than a happy mind !

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