Frequently asked questions

Why Moringa Tea?

Moringa oleifera, called the “Miracle Tree”, it is one of the nature’s most healthy and nutritious foods. There are plenty of studies that describe benefits of moringa leaves, moringa is one of the most potent plants in the world.
The leaves of Moringa oleifera tree are packed densely with nutrients, providing essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, especially Calcium, Zinc, Vitamins A, B, C, & Vitamin B12.
They are filled with nutrition. Moringa Tea is one of the healthiest tea in the world.

Why Leaf Era?

We have a farm where we grow best moringa oleafera leaves. We are located near the mountain range of junagadh and a vast forest and home for asiatic lion. The land and atmosphere here is one of the best place for getting the most nutritous leaves of Moringa. We are commited to provide best leaves tea, so that our customers can experience best from Nature.

Shopping With Leafera.in?

We are enthusiastic to provide our customer with best shopping experience. Orders received before noon IST (Indian Standard Time) usually ship out the same business day. Orders received after this time generally leave the next business day. We are commited to provide quick shipping experience. We provide orders within 3-7 working days. *condition applies