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Our Story

Age Old Tradition of Indian Tea 

Leaf Era is a start-up changing the way tea works for most of us.   We are taking the age old tradition to a entirely new level. Our mission is to to bring about healthy lifestyle changes in the consumers through our moringa tea.

Leaf Era is continuously working on reinventing the way tea is consumed. We have changed the game with radically simple approaches.

We want tea to be Fresh, Rich in taste, and above all endowed with the much needed Nutrition, Vitamins and goodness.

So we introduced the best source available in nature, that is, Moringa.


Leaf Era's Moringa Tea, friendly Online store and above-and-beyond customer service.

Moringa Tree Leaf Era


The Miracle Tree

Leaf Era's mission is serving best quality herbal tea in each cup. Ayurveda uses innumerable plant species to treat ailments. Our moringa tea has its basis in this indigenous medical science. 

We make it with the finest of dry moringa leaves, flowers, seeds and roots. 

The most important aspect of our tea is that it has no caffeine and still tastes delicious. 

Make it with ease by adding boiling water to plant extracts and let them soak for a few minutes, sweeten if desired and serve it hot at its best.

We pack the tea in the heart of India through nitro packing to preserve the delicate aroma and sustain the healing power of our moringa tea.

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